Send a push notification

Push notifications are an engaging way of talking to your visitors. But watch out, they control whether to receive them or not. The key is RELEVANCY

In order your 'opt-in' rate as high as possible, you will need to find a good content approach for this type of communication.

Mostly push notifications are being used for following topics:

Before the event/festival

  • Ticket sales
  • Artist announcements (linked to ticket sales)
  • General preparation updates (bring sunscreen, don't BBQ at the camping, ...)
  • Traffic alert

During the event/festival

  • Performance reminder (automatically triggered upon favouriting)
  • Weather alert
  • Traffic alert
  • Sponsor activation
  • Last minute lineup changes

After the event/festival

  • Merchandising
  • Promotions
  • After movie release
  • Early bird tickets
  • Just being thankful towards your audience
  • Surveys