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What is the difference between Artists, Lineup, Schedule, and Calendar?

A quick overview of the many different views on how to embed your timetable or programmation in your event app.

In the Appmiral menu interface, there are 3 different views/screens dedicated to the Artists and Programmation. Based on the feedback from our clients, we've adapted our database in such a way that artists can now become visible in their mobile apps when being announced. That means without an exact day, stage or timing.

1. Schedule view = typical timetable blocks

This screen allows you to filter by day or by favoriting behavior.
In the right top corner, you are able to reshuffle and prioritize the stages to your musical preferences.

Appmiral - schedule view  Appmiral - schedule view  Appmiral - schedule view

2. Lineup view = artist images with data 

This screen is more visual than the timing blocks from the schedule view.
This is great for understanding and exploring who's paying when and where. As they say, sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words.

Appmiral - lineup view  Appmiral - lineup view  Appmiral - lineup view

3. Artist view = artist images without data

Different than on the Lineup view, you can't filter on day or stage. This is just a visual list filled with images linking to all the artists playing at your event.

This screen is ideal to use upon the first announcements or when your audience just wants to explore all the artists in an easy way.

Appmiral - explore all artists  IMG_3837  IMG_3836


4. Calendar view = agenda-like overview of events

A similar view to the lineup view but with bigger placeholders. This is more of a list view ideally for conferences or venues to add their calendar to the apps.

The larger image space and accompanying text placeholders can be more suitable for some organizers than the classic lineup view.

IMG_3840  IMG_3841  IMG_3839