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💼 Referral program

Refer Appmiral to a friend ... and earn a free upgrade of your application next season!

Do you know other events/festival organizers that might benefit from our solution and our approach?

Introduce them to us and once they become a client, we'll upgrade your app next year with a new module. How about that? 

How does it work?

  1. Copy/paste the mail below and send this to whoever you think needs the Appmiral app.
  2. Add robin@appmiral.com in cc
  3. We'll keep you updated on the progress!
  4. Once client, let's discuss which module we can upgrade your app with 🚀


💌  Template mail to refer us 


Hi, Please meet Robin (in cc), the Managing Director of Appmiral, they're helping us to drive the visitor experience at our event with awesome tooling and a fantastic audience app. I really think you could benefit from hearing this guy out!

See you later.

PS. Let me know if you're joining the Appmiral family, Robin will be upgrading my app ;-)