How to report bugs?

Here's what to do when encountering an issue or bug in your apps. Know that we strive for the best quality, so if you notice a bug or malfunction in your app, the Appmiral team will try to solve it asap.

Based on your pricing Tier, you can contact your Customer Succes Manager by mail, phone or even Whatsapp. When reporting an issue, please always make sure to add the following details:
  • What exactly goes wrong? A screenshot or video will help us drastically 🙏
  • How did this occur when using the app? In what feature were you doing this? What was the last action you did? Were you logged in or not (if login)?
  • Does it happen on iOS or Android, or both?
  • What device are you on? (Samsung, S10, iPhone X, ...)
  • Do you have a decent connection? (so not your phone in flight mode or poor 3G)
All these things will help us to quickly isolate the issue, and work on a fix.

Thanks !! 👍😘