How to boost your download rate?

It's important that your app gets a high download rate. The more visitors that download the app, the more you are able to communicate and engage with them.

A high download rate will also give your marketing/sponsors teams that extra piece of leverage when negotiating or closing better deals. 

Here are the 3 success factors:

🎖 Consistency in promotion of the app before the event

  • Add a promo image for downloads on your website (frontpage)
  • Make consistent promo on social media about the app
  • Explain the benefits of the app (create video content)

Extrema Outdoor website (frontpage)

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 17.47.39Solar Weekend website

🎖  Add (exclusive) content in your app

  • Announce content (artists, tickets, ...) earlier in the app than on other channels
  • Make content pieces like interviews, competitions, surveys only accessible from within the app
  • Link your Instagram account to the CMS so there a constant stream of new updates within the feed

                Pukkelpop 2018


Pukkelpop 2022

🎖  Keep doing promo at the festival grounds

  • Make signing to promote downloads (with QR code linked to App Stores) at the entrances, campings, info points, ...
  • Activate that 'Word of Mouth' by sending relevant pushes.
    "Hey, why don't I know this? - I don't know, I've got this from the app."

  Graspop metal meeting download

Tomorrowland Summer 2019 & Graspop Metal Meeting 2018