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Favoriting, Bookmarking and 'My Event' section

As of 2022, we optimized the favoriting behavior in the event apps. Adding bookmarks allows users to personalize their app even more.

The Appmiral platform has a specific way of visualizing data, especially when it comes to the 'timetable'.

The data model on this type of data distinct 3 main data sets:

  • Artists (or players, riders, speakers, ...)
    > including Name, Image, Biography, Music, Tags, Social links.
  • Performances (time-based shows, sets, events, ...)
    > including Start Time, End Time, Stage, Edition Day, Priority
  • Locations (stages, venues, ...)

1. ❤️ Favoriting = for Artists

Before favoriting was only possible on a performance level, meaning it was linked to a certain time-based event. Favoriting a performance also triggered the 'My calendar' and accompanying Push Notification stating: Artist X is about to start performing in 15 minutes at Main Stage.

Favoriting artists leads to a personally curated music playlist. Also, when your app is linked to a Customer Data Platform (CDP), this data is key for enriching your user profiles.

IMG_0394 2  IMG_0392 2

2. ☑️ Bookmark = for Performances and POI (map)

Analytics and client feedback learned us that favoriting and bookmarking should be more engaging and woven into the overall experience. Many clients reported that it didn't make sense that artists can't be favorites ...

So here's the new approach:

  • When favoriting an artist, automatically we bookmark all the performances linked now (or added in a later phase closer to the event). 
  • Bookmarks can be turned off on the artist detail page or 'My Event' sections. 
  • Bookmarks are what trigger the 'Reminder Push Notifications'
  • Bookmarks are also used to highlight POI's on the interactive map that you want to keep close.

IMG_0395  IMG_0396

3. Revamped 'My event' section

One of the top-performing actions we see from users during the event is creating their own timetable of things not to miss.

Time to give this functionality an update.

 IMG_1463   IMG_1464  IMG_1465 
  • My Playlist: when artists (with music) get favorited throughout the app, we curate a personal playlist with their top tracks from Spotify
  • My Event: when performances get bookmarked, we automatically install a personal calendar with all upcoming events you're going to
  • My Places: apps with interactive maps will show a section of bookmarked POIs, ideal to keep that cocktail bar or pasta place close by