The art of creating engaging content

The news feed (we prefer to hear 'engagement feed') is the place where your audience will be spending most of their time in your application. So better make it count!

In technology, it's all about 'user attention' people.
The more time your audience is spending in your own application instead of Facebook, Instagram, ... well, that is worth pure gold for you.

It's by creating engaging content for your audience before, during and after the event, you are giving your visitors (app users)  will be coming back to your app and see if they are not missing out on the latest news or updates.

The ultimate goal should be establishing a direct connection/relationship with your visitors on your own channel. 

Behold the power of a news feed

Technology these days simply made humans lazy. We spending a few hours per day simply scrolling through (mostly irrelevant) content. The classic social media channels all work with this same principle of a 'feed' that is being prioritized with powerful algorithms that are built to make brands pay (read buy advertisements) to have their communication in this feed during those first 2 minutes of scrolling.

Appmiral clients are stepping out of this rat-race. 
It's by installing your own channel (and feed) linked to your visitors, that will allow you in the future to spend less money on Facebook and Instagram reaching those same visitors selling them tickets.

Info cards

These cards are built to drive conversions within your applications. This can go from driving traffic towards external web content, inform them on this specific partner activation this happening at the event or making them fill in their mail address in some sort of competition. The possibilities are endless.

Info cards always have a thumbnail image/icon on the left and require :

  • Title
  • Body Text
  • Call-to-action 

Newspost cards

Newspost cards can be linked to the automated RSS synchronization module. These cards can also be created manually, the idea is pretty much the same as an info card. The difference is in the visuals, instead of a small thumbnail image on the left, you can add a full-screen image on top of the message and call-to-action.


Promo cards

In 2019, we added a new card to the family called the promo card.
Different than our other cards, this card is merely an image. That means that you can design your own image/banner/button/whatever ... and upload it into your news feed. This card can easily be linked to whatever in-app or external web content.

A great example was the 2020 app from Concert at SEA. They made several promo cards with an awesome and recognizable banner-like design. So smart of them to add a red subtitle in the right corner.

Tapping the promo card will redirect you to their Youtube channel and the visitor could watch an exclusive video. 

The final step is to communicate it on all channels for example on Instagram.



OK, now show me how to make a card

> Step 1 
Design a promo yourself

Simply use your favorite design tool and export a .JPG or .JPEG

Ideal size and proportions
High resolution, + 1500px, preferably rectangle

> Step 2
Upload it to the CMS

Create a new card >> Select Promo Card >> Add new Detail Image 

Card Type

> Step 3
Add a link to the card

Link the promo card to external web content.

Choose Link Type >> Add link URL

Link to website


Link the promo card to whatever ina app content.

Choose Link Type >> Add link URL

Link to in app content

> Step 4
Trigger your audience on the classic channels

Spread the word that your app is filled with special, exclusive content.
Download the app and don't miss out on the action ;-)