Apple 'Proof of Ownership'

Apple - as we know - is always fierce on ensuring that the actual content owner is submitting the application. In most cases, a legal document that proves ownership is required.

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Why is this needed?

We've learned that Apple review teams always check whether the Apple Account holder is the actual Rights Holder for organizing this event. Especially when the name of the Apple Developer Account is different from the app name, and an extra document that states the link between these 2 parties.

The idea behind this that Apple wants to ensure that there are no copyright or trademark violation issues that could lead back to them.

What kind of documents will do the trick?

  • If you are the Owner of the Brand
    In case you are the owner of the brand or the business, you would have to submit documents supporting your claim.     
    • documentation that shows your ownership of the business or organization for which the app is designed
    • legal documents that prove you have ownership rights to the content/company or product names/trademarks etc. used in the app
    • an official contract that your organization is indulged to promote or organize a certain event or festival

What are the essentials elements that need to be included in this document?

  • You/your company's name

  • Ownership between [My Company] and [App Name]

  • The document should be signed and dated

  • Details explaining the developer's affiliation with the business/entity/app