App Stores-related technical info

Other than a web project, having a native mobile app is always dependent on passing a review and listing in the official App Stores.

When scheduling your app to go live, we need to take into account 2 important dependencies from the App Stores that we can't control.

1. App Store Review times

We've seen many changes these last 1O years when it comes to review times. Both Apple and Google do this in different ways. Based on the recent app submissions and updates, we created the following matrix with expected review times.

🚨 Note: these review times are not fixed and will change constantly based on the number of apps submitted, public holidays in the US, ...

  iOS  Android
Official guidelines 90% of the apps are reviewed within 24 hrs around 7 workdays

Appmiral anticipated review times (based on averages in the past months)

New app

2-4 days 3-5 days
Update existing app 1-2 days 1-2 days


2. App Store Listing times

After the apps are submitted and reviewed, they need to be published in the App Store. All the App Stores are 'cached' for a better User Experience, meaning the apps will not a few hours to be visible to your audiences in the App Stores around the planet.

Normally this takes no longer than 2hrs (and sometimes just a few minutes), but we've seen cases where it took up to 12 hrs before the apps were visible and downloadable from the Official App Stores.