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Deliver or add your timetable data

We strive to keep your workload to the bare minimum. Below you'll find an overview and documentation of the possible timetable and lineup data entries and imports.

Appmiral allows you to import and synchronize your timetable data in many different ways. Up to you to choose what method suits you best. 


    1. Synchronized between website and app with a JSON
    2. Integrated with planning software like Beatswitch or Marcato

    3. Manual input via the Appmiral CMS
    4. Use the Appmiral API to send data to your website

1. Import & sync timetable data with your website

Most of our clients use their existing web agency to generate the assets needed to import data into our database. Creating a JSON with the specified Appmiral structure takes about 0,5 days of additional work for a developer.

Having a JSON (live feed) will synchronize all artist, stage, and even practical data between your website and mobile application. No double input is needed.


2. Importing from planning software tools

When you are using Beatswitch festival software or Marcato, no input is needed. Appmiral is integrated with its API and databases for seamless import and sync.

3. Manual input via the Appmiral CMS

3.1 Adding your stages first

You need to add the stages first so you can link performances later to a stage (mandatory field). By default, the stages will get color, but you are free to change these colors whenever you like.

Tip: make sure the colors are readable both in the schedule and the lineup view in your app.


3.2 Adding artists and performances next

Adding performances can be done in 'draft mode' as long as the checkbox 'Published' is unchecked. From the moment you check this box, the performance will be visible in your application.

  • Make sure to complete both tabs: Performance info and Artist info
  • Checkbox 'Synchronize' is not relevant for this type of import, just ignore.
  • When a performance ends after midnight, it's day +1.
    START: Aug 23, 2019, 11:00:00 PM
    END: Aug 24, 2019, 01:00:00 AM
  • Adding social links will make the artist's detail way more engaging.
  • Ideally, the resolution for the artist's images is a minimum of 1.500 px
  • The exact Spotify URI can be found below 👇

4. Use the Appmiral API to populate your website 

Find all relevant API documentation here.