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Add an image carousel on top of your feed/homescreen

The carousel lets you easily show multiple news items, updates or other 'calls to action' visually attractively on top of your news feed.

IMG_1329  IMG_1332  IMG_1331

1. Add carousel items

To create a carousel, go to the menu item: News > Carousel

Add as many images as you like. (4:3 aspect ratio; for best results, the image must be at least 1500px wide) The priority defines in which order the images are shown. 

💡 You can add links redirecting to other parts of the application or external websites to make the carousel even more engaging. 

2. Choose the interval time

You can also choose an interval time that automatically changes the image to the next image.
To do so, select the menu item: Settings > App branding > Carousel Interval.
Besides that, users can quickly swipe between the different menu items.